Top 10 Best-Selling LEGO Sets

LEGO sets have been a favorite for both kids and adults for many years. From classic city sets to detailed movie sets - LEGO has an option for everyone. Here, you will find the top 10 best-selling LEGO sets that have captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

1. LEGO Creator Expert: Assembly Square (10255)

The Assembly Square LEGO set is a tribute to the LEGO Modular Building series, celebrating its 10th anniversary. It has over 4,000 pieces and offers a challenging and rewarding build. This set features detailed interiors, including a bakery, florist, and dentist’s office, so there are endless play possibilities and display options.

2. LEGO Star Wars: Millennium Falcon (75192)

it’s one of the largest LEGO sets ever made - with not less than 7,500 pieces. This huge set is a dream for Star Wars fans. The Millennium Falcon boasts intricate details both inside and out, including rotating laser turrets, a boarding ramp, and detailed interiors that represent scenes from the franchise.

LEGO Star Wars: Millennium Falcon (75192)

3. LEGO Technic: Bugatti Chiron (42083)

The Bugatti Chiron set is a marvel of engineering and design, reflecting LEGO Technics to create realistic models. It has 3,599 pieces and features a detailed W16 engine, a movable steering wheel, and an active rear wing. All the above make it a favorite set among car enthusiasts and LEGO collectors.

4. LEGO Ideas: NASA Apollo Saturn V (21309)

This set celebrates space exploration and the Apollo missions. With 1,969 pieces, the Apollo Saturn V model is over 3 feet tall and can be separated into three parts, just like the real rocket. It also includes mini lunar modules and astronaut figures, making it popular with space fans.

5. Hogwarts Castle (71043)

If you are a fan of Harry Potter - this set is for you. Including 6,020 pieces, it captures the magic of the wizarding world with detailed rooms, towers, and courtyards. This set includes mini-figures of iconic characters and scenes, providing a comprehensive and immersive building experience.

6. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: The Helicarrier (76042)

Marvel fans like the Helicarrier set for its size and detail. This set contains 2,996 pieces. The set features rotating propellers, runways, and microscale Quinjets. The Helicarrier set also includes mini-figures of popular Avengers characters, making it a must-have for Marvel collectors.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: The Helicarrier (76042)

7. LEGO Architecture: Statue of Liberty (21042)

The Statue of Liberty set is part of the LEGO Architecture series, this set is known for its detailed and educational builds. 1,685 pieces accurately captures the iconic monument’s features. The set includes the pedestal and crown. This set is popular with those who appreciate architecture and/or history.

8. LEGO City: Police Station (60141)

The Police Station set is a staple of the LEGO City series, offering action-packed play scenarios. With only 894 pieces (the smallest set in the top 10), it includes a police station, police vehicles, and a heli. This set also comes with several mini-figures, including police officers and crooks.

9. LEGO Ninjago: Destiny’s Bounty (70618)

Destiny’s Bounty is a centerpiece of the LEGO Ninjago series. The Ninjago set contains 2,295 pieces. You can find details like rotating engines, adjustable sails, and a dojo. This cool set includes figures of the main Ninjago characters, so it is a favorite among fans of the series.

LEGO Ninjago: Destiny’s Bounty (70618)

10. LEGO Friends: Heartlake City Resort (41347)

The Heartlake City Resort set is a highlight of the LEGO Friends series, designed to engage young builders with its vibrant colors and interactive features. With 1,017 pieces, it includes a monorail, water park, and hotel, along with mini-dolls of the Friends characters.

LEGO sets continue to be a favorite toy for many, offering a combination of creativity, engineering, and storytelling. The best-selling sets listed above are popular not just for their complexity and detail but also for the way they capture the imagination of builders of all ages. Whether you're a fan of architecture, pop culture, or city building, there's a LEGO set out there that can provide hours of enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment.